Antique Bronze Ships Wheel

Product Code : C1-P507

LLOYD TRIESTINO PASSENGER SHIP 'SS GALILEO GALILEI' CANTIERI RIUNITI DELL' built by ADRIATICO, MONAFALCONA 1963, 27 888 TON, 24 KNOT, 213 METERS, 1 750 PASSENGER. Ordered by Lloyd Triestino in 1960, Galileo Galilei was built in Italy for the Australian route. Galileo Galilei was launched on July 2, 1961.

From the ship, original, magnificent visual, Italy production steering wheel. It is 320 kg all bronze material, a very rare museum quality piece. You can see such products only in museums. If requested, they will be restored and given by the Marin Antique team.

Size 120x57x90  Weight 320 kg

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