Marine chronometer Alex Dobbie & Son Glasgow

Product Code : C21-P530

Marine chronometer: an extremely rare and fine Scottish marine chronometer Royal chronometer maker Alex Dobbie & Son Glasgow

Approx. 18 × 18 × 18cm, original mahogany box with brass fittings, original ivory plate, numbered 4211, gimbal, brass housing, fine English chronometer movement with spring detent escapement, fully signed and numbered, silvered dial with 56h power reserve indicator, gold hands, original key, very good condition, fully functional. The company was originally founded in 1841 by Alexander Dobbie. With remarkable in his profession and as a man with an impeccable character, he was, in 1850, Agent for Scotland, by Barraud, London, the world famous chronometer maker. In the workshops, a performance of Craft employees. In addition to Barrauds Agency Messrs Dobbie & Son had the honor of chronometer manufacturers for the Admiralty to. The Explosion, which in 1870 took place in the Tradeston Grain Mills, instead, destroyed the workshops of the company completely. The venerable founder, died on 18. February, 1887. He was in shipping circles widely known and highly regarded. He left as successor his son, John C. Dobbie, which is operating the workshops

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