Engine Order Telegraph, Durkee Marine, Staten Island

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Engine Order Telegraph, Durkee Marine, Staten Island, NY, circa late 1800's

This piece came from the retired Navy Commander collection. This piece he remembered was originally on board one of the supply ships used to logistically support the construction of the Panama Canal, which opened in 1914 after more than 30 years of work. Brooklyn-born Charles Doremus Durkee (1862-1930), after spending 15 years as a shipwrecker in Manhattan, C.D. Durkee Marine at 2 South St., Staten Island, New York in 1894.

Merchants of marine hardware including gears, rope, whistles, life preservers, plumbing, cushions, upholstery, compasses, capstans, anchors, windlasses, flags, furniture, fittings etc., C.D. Durkee was known as the “Tiffany of the Trade”.  Revered as one of the finest outfitters of motorboat equipment in the country, Durkee supplied equipment for the construction of the Panama Canal between 1904 - 1914.  C.D. Durkee was a member of the New York Yacht Club, The Brooklyn & Bensonhurst Yacht Clubs and the Arcanum Yacht Club in Sheepshead Bay where he raced his Class V catboat "Boozie".


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